Slope Wheel

Posted On March 29, 2013

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Last time, we made a Slope Wheel in our Math class, as a project in order to help us on learning about Simultaneous Linear Equations and Graphs of Linear Equations in Two Unknowns. By the help of this Slope Wheel, we can plot lines and create lines in our Slope Wheel easily and faster, while the teacher gives us a Linear Equation.

“Slope Wheel” Instructions

Measure a 30 cm x 30 cm square on cardboard and cut out.

Cut Graph Paper to the dimensions 20 cm x 20 cm (width as close to 20 cm as can be, okay if not exact).

Glue Graph Paper to exact middle of cardboard square.

Use Black Pen or Marker to make x and y axis in middle of Graph Paper and then label the y axis at the top and the x    axis on the right side of the graph paper.

From the origin, mark 1 cm increments on both axes, numbering them as you go ( . . . -3, -2, -1 OR 1, 2, 3 . . . ) until finish.

Use Compass with pencil to draw a semicircle on top half of graph from -10 (x axis) to 10 (y axis) to 10 (x axis).

Use Compass with pencil to draw a semicircle on bottom half of graph from -7 (x axis) to -7 (y axis) to 7 (x axis).

CAREFULLY use Box Cutter to cut along both semicircles and to cut a straight line from 10 to -10 down the y axis. (Do not cut the x axis.)

Use a Big Paperclip to run back and forth from the corners of your cardboard square.

Use Straight Edge (ruler) and Box Cutter to score (only cut through top layer) the cardboard 2 cm in from edge.

Fold each side of cardboard along the score and use Black Tape to tape corners together. Also put one strip of Black Tape along the score from corner to corner.

Use Scissors to cut Transparent Straw into 3 – 2 cm pieces and then 3 equal remaining pieces.

Cut 3 – 15 cm (approximately) pieces of Thin String. Run one of the pieces of This String through one of the 2 cm Transparent Straw pieces so that the piece is in the middle of the string. Tie a knot in the string tight around the outside of the Transparent Straw. Take a 2 cm piece of Celo Tape and fold in half over the two This String strands directly next to the knot you just tied. Repeat with other two Thin Strings and other two 2 cm Transparent Straw pieces.

From the top of the board, push the lose Thin String ends through the slits (1 – top half semicircle, 1 – y axis, and 1 – bottom half semicircle)

and pull tight. Turn box over, on the back side tie the lose String ends tight to the remaining Transparent Straw pieces. (You may have to trim back the Celo Tape a little, but don’t cut the String)

Turn the box back over, slide the Transparent Straw pieces back and forth along the slits to make sure they work properly. Adjust as necessary to make them work smoothly.

Insert the Sate Stick into the Transparent Straw pieces to form a line on the Graph.

With the Black Pen or Marker, write “Slope Wheel” at the top of your board and then write your name at the bottom right side of your board




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  1. Mr. Jared

    Thank you Edita for your thorough explanation of the Slope Wheel. I hope it was helpful for you. You are doing great work in class! 🙂

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