Good Bye Dish Garden

Posted On January 28, 2013

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Hey all! On 7th November 2012, we made a dish garden in connection to our last topic, Ornamental Plants. Before sharing my Dish Garden Life Journey, it’d be better to know what Dish Garden is.

A dish garden is a miniature garden on a container (I used a soup bowl) whit plant’s on it. And some decorations (I used stones) to make it more attractive.

I face many problems while making and taking care of my dish garden. I find it hard to choose which plant to plant, but I did have fun making the design, collecting moss, soil, stones, plants and some decorations with my friends. We look for something which can be used and found some stones, flower, plants and moss.

While taking care of my dish garden. I often forget to water my dish garden, and sometimes, though I remember to water it, I was away and I forgot to tell my family to take care of it. And that’s how it died. Good bye my dish garden (T ^ T). I planned to replace it with new plants, but again, I often forget to do it. So I planned to change it this weekend and I hope to be more responsible on taking care of my new dish garden later.

When making my dish garden, indirectly I’ve applied my creativity skill on designing the dish garden and supposedly to apply responsibility, but I often forget to water it and to update my dish garden post, so I think I apply my responsibility attitude less.


One Response to “Good Bye Dish Garden”

  1. Ms. May

    Edita, I am sad that has to happen to your dish garden…on the other hand, I am happy with your realization after the plants died. I hope to see a new dish garden and a more caring and responsible you!

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