Using Microscope

Posted On October 12, 2012

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On our science class, we learnt about cells and microscope. Our teacher let us see some some slides through the microscope to see the cells in it. Before doing this activity, we were taught on how to use the microscope, the function of each part of the microscope and how to take care of it. We also learnt about animal and plant cell. During this activity, we saw more than one slides. Some of the slides were animal showing animal cell, and some others were showing plant cell. I was fascinated with how the microscope work, which we can use to see a very small object such as these cells that can’t be seen through naked eyes but can be seen clearly with the microscope. I also know how cells looks like through this activity. I really enjoy doing this activity.


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  1. varunatvenkie

    Edita !! why don’t to write the details about the resolution and illumination in case of the microscope ….

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