Reflection on Music Presentation about Musical Period

Posted On October 12, 2012

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We are now learning about different composers in different periods. To increase our knowledge about this topic and to develop our presenting and listening skills, we did group presentations on each musical period. Each of the group were given a topic about musical period, we then did some research on the period’s description, musical instrument played during that time, famous composers of that time, famous compositions did by the composers and some interesting facts about that period. My group present the Romantic period. Me, myself were assigned to do research on Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the famous composers in romantic period while he is also the first person who introduced the romantic music to people all over the world. I enjoy doing research about Beethoven, I can improve my research skill while getting information about Beethoven that I didn’t know before. I then explained my research result to the class in PowerPoint presentation. I explained the musical instruments Beethoven can play, famous compositions he made, his short biography and a short explanation about his life time journey. I hope my friends can understand what I present to them and I hope my presentation can increase their knowledge about Beethoven and his life time journey.


Click here to see my group’s PowerPoint presentation:

Romantic Period


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