Presentation on Spending Money

Posted On October 12, 2012

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Our group did a survey on how teenagers spend their money. From the result of the survey, we did a short presentation on it. From the presentation we made, we can see how the most and the least options chosen by the teenagers we asked. I enjoy doing this survey activity, I can now know how most teenagers spend their money. But, we didn’t have enough time for preparation, so I didn’t feel confident enough during presentation, but next time I’ll do more preparation and try to be more confident on presenting so I can present better and the audience will feel more interested on listening to my presentation.

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Here’s the link of the presentation we made :

Spending Money Presentation


One Response to “Presentation on Spending Money”

  1. Mr. Fabien

    You are right: You spent a long time on the preparatory work which was excellent.I will give you more time to rehearse for the next presentation.

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