Reflection on Starch Test

Posted On October 10, 2012

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On Wednesday 3rd October 2012, we did an experiment on starch test. We did the starch test by dipping the leave, which we had covered with black papaer and clipped on the leave. we cut a hole in the black paper with any shape we like (my group cuts a shape of a star) and we put the plant outside, with the presence of sunlight. we are supposed to put in the plant every afternoon and when it rains, and put it out every morning, but on Tuesday afternoon, we forgot to put the plant in, so the plant was outside with the rain. This is one of the set ups we made, we made the other two set ups individually. The set ups were done by germinating mungbeans in with two different conditions, on with the presence of sunlight and the other one without sunlight. We put six holes at the lower side of the cups, so the water which is poured on the tissue can get out. We are asked to do these set ups on Saturday, but I forgot and did this set ups on Sunday evening instead. Because I was late, the plant didn’t grew well, it should’ve grown better if I start it on Saturday morning, so, on Wednesday afternoon, when we come with the set ups to do the experiment, I can’t perform the experiment on the mungebeans set ups, but I did the other set up. We pick the leave that we have chosen to be clipped with the black paper, then our teacher, Ms. May poured iodine into the petri dish so we can dip the leave that we picked before into the iodine. After dipping, we wait for a few minutes and take the leave out. Our experiment wasn’t so successful, because the part which is covered by the paper clip turns blue black, but in the book that we’ve read before, the one which is covered should turn light brown and the one which is not covered should turn blue black, but that’s what we saw from our experiments.

So, from this experiment, I learned that I have to be discipline so I can make a better result on my science projects, and we should be honest too on doing experiments. I also learned that every experiments shouldn’t always be successful at the first attempt, and when it is not successful, we should try again until we get the result of the experiments 😀


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