Dream and Change

Posted On September 16, 2012

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Everyone has a plan for their future. Planning about our future can guide us to reach our dreams. Each person has a different plan, according to what they want to achieve in the future. My plans are connected to my studies. I’m planning to continue to a good senior high school. I will study harder, so I can pass the requirements for a good senior high school. In order to go to a good senior high school, I need to have some achievements. I will wtudy on my math and try to achieve something in math olympiad. I’m going to join the ICAS too. I only hope that I will get lots of achievement and good grades at school.

Our plans now, might make Indonesia a prosperous country. Now, Indonesia now is not really promising. People are fighting with each other beacuse of different believes and opinions. Even the people who work at the government, they steal the country’s money that should be used on helping the citizens and build this country by corruption, only to make them richer. If only each of us can accept other people’s believes and opinions and stop the corruptions, I’m sure that Indonesia will be a prosperous country in the future. Indonesia are rich, with many different cultures around the world, and an interesting place to be visited by the tourists. Now, we’re only hoping of a good leader. We, as the young generation are going to change to lead Indonesia to be a prosperous country. Not only a good leader, as a citizen we must shange our bad behaviour and try to be discipline.





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