A Night of Music and Dances

Posted On June 3, 2012

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Our performance on ‘You’

During the activities week, we perform ‘You’ song on the the night concert which titled A Night of Music and Dances. Before the performance, we practice the singing ‘You’. It was not easy during the practice. We are divided into 4 groups each with different voices, Soprano and Alto for the girls and, Tenor and Bass for the boys. I was singing Alto. We all sing our part and in the same time without getting distracted by the other voices sang by the other group. Sometimes we did some mistakes, so we keep practicing and practicing untill we can sing it perfectly. The grade 8 also sings this song, so during the rehearsal we practice singing together. On Tuesday night, 15 May 2012, we perform pur song. We also did a little mistake when we sang. But it was still a great performance and the audience enjoyed listening. So, on the next performance, I hope we can perform better, without any mistakes during the performance.


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