Trip to Singapore

Posted On May 23, 2012

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On 17 May, we went to Singapore for educational trip. We leave from school at 7:30 in the morning and arrive at SSQ airport at 10:00. We had our lunch at the airport. We are taking the flight to Batam at Hang Nadim airport. We then go to the Balerang bridge by bus. At Barelang bridge, we took some pictures of the view. It was a bridge that connects three islands, Batam, Rempang and Galang. After taking some pictures, we continue our trip to Costarina Beach. There, we are taking some pictures while we are playing near the beach. We now then go for dinner and go to the hotel for checking in.

We then continue our journey the next day, on 18 May. Now we are leaving Batam and arrived at Singapore by Ferry from Sekupang Harbour. When we arrived at Singapore, we went to Unviersal Studio. We really enjoy our time at Universal Studio. There, we play some games. I go for a ride on the roller coaster, it was really terrifying but i enjoyed it. Then go to watch 4D movie. Some games there really make us wet! Then at the end we go for a transformer ride. It was really fun, but we must leave the Universal Studio beacuse we must continue our trip tomorrow. After taking some pictures at the Universal Studio, we had our dinner. Then we went to Orchad Road for a city tour, there we buy some souvenirs. It was a really tiring day but we really enjoyed it. We went to an Inn for checking in and we have a rest.

The next day was 19 May. We are going to perform a Malay dance at Raffles Girl School (RGS). So we wake up early, take a shower and have a make up. Before we arrived at RGS, we visit Merlion Park and took some pictures, then we went to RGS. It was a really big school, the students there are nice. They guide us around their school. They provide us the lunch there. After lunch, we are preparing for our performance, the Malay dance. We did a performance, as well as the Modern dance by the Grade 8 students. We then visit the Science Center. There, everything was science. We saw lots of interesting things about science which give us some knowledge about science. Then we went to the harbour. We really enjoy traveling around Singapore, but we must leave. Then we return back to Batam. We have our dinner at the hotel. At the hotel, we take a rest for a while and getting prepared because we are going to the mall near our hotel to buy some things to be brought back to Kerinci for our family and friends. Then we returned back to the hotel. It was the last night in Batam, so we gather in a room and played together with our friends. It was really tiring, so we must sleep because we are continuing our journey tomorrow.

On 20 May, it was the last day of our trip and we are returning back to Kerinci. We get ourselves prepared and have a breakfast. We then checked out. But before we leave Batam, we are going to another beach in Batam. We took some pictures, and play with water there. Then we went to Hang Nadim airport for a flight to Pekanbaru. We then arrived at SSQ airport in Pekanbaru. It was a really unforgettable trip for me, but we must end this trip and went back to Kerinci. I hope next year I can join the trip and hopefully more places to visit.


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