Activities Week 2012

Posted On May 23, 2012

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This year, we had our activities week on 14 – 16 May. We have lots of fun on the activites week watching and being involved on the program. On 14 and 15 May, a night concert was held too on the function room inviting the parents and other guests.

On 14 May in the morning was the Science Day. On the Science Day, we made an interactive science project by partner which is presented on the function room. My partner was Faris and we made Anti-Gravity Water project This project shows how a water in a round glass covered with a handkerchief and when the glass is turned upside-down, the water stays inside the glass without falling. Some audiences gave us some stars which means that our project was one of their favorite projects. There are other more interesting projects too made by my classmates. At night, we have a concert. The concert was Angklung Festival which is performed by Grade 1 to Grade 6 and the orchestra. They are presenting different songs in angklung followed by an interactive angklung playing where the audiences play Tanah Airku with angklung accompanied with the orchestra and all the performers singing Tanah Airku.

The next day was 15 May and it was Library Day. We celebrate the Library Day by having a costume parade. We are wearing costumes worn by a book or movie character. While waiting for the costume parade, we are playing some games, then we went out for costume parade while the judges chose the best costume and give prize to the winners. After the costume parade, its time for lucky draw. I almost got it, but I wasn’t really listening carefully, so I miss the prize, but I’m hoping that next year I’ll got it. After the morning program, we have another night concert. Now is our turn, the Junior High School with the guitar class, violin class, dance class, orchestra and some students from SLB. In this concert, I was performing ‘You’ song with my friends and the Grade 8.

Finally we came to the last day of the activities week, 16 May. It was International Day followed by potluck lunch. In this day I was performing Malay dance and singing ‘Je Veux’ which is a French song sang by the French class of Grade 7 and 8. The Malay dance was the opening program of the Inernational Day, we had a hard time putting on the costumes and the make up, but over all we did a great performance. After our Malay dance, we change our costumes into a black T-shirt and blue jeans for our next performance. We also did a great job singing ‘Je Veux’. After the performance, we came to the end of the program, the potluck lunch. We had our lunch together, the foods are from different cultures.

This activities week gave us some fun and some things to learn. On the Science Day, we learnt about science in an interesting way through experiments which is enjoyed by everybody who watched it. On the Library Day, we learnt about new books and it’s authors and we are encouraged to read more book. And on the International Day, we learnt about different songs sang in different countries in the world. We also learnt about some foods of other cultures. But from this International Day, the most important thing we learnt is to appreciate other people’s culture. It was a fun activities week and I hope we can have a better activities week next year.


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