Making Egg Flans on Science

Posted On March 9, 2012

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Picture Taken by Ms.May

On Thursday, 1st March 2012, our class made egg flans on our science class. Our topic was about elements, compounds and mixtures. Our cooking activity is related to mixtures and compounds. My group was Regina, Agam and Ombun.

To stat making the egg flans, first we mixed the ingredients, 10 eggs, a can of condensed milk and a cup of fresh milk. We use hand mixer to mix them all. Mixing the ingredients is related to mixtures. We combine the ingredients without doing any chemical reaction to form a mixture. After we done mixing the ingredients, we then continued on making the caramel which is related to compounds. On making the caramel, we need to heat 4 tablespoons of sugar. When the sugar is heated, it stars to form a caramel which is Water Vapor + Carbon. That is one method on forming compounds which is called decomposition. After we done making the caramel, we wait for a while to let it freeze. Then we pour the mixtures on the frozen caramel and cover it with aluminum foil.

The mixtures are all ready, and then we need to prepare for the steamer. After preparing the steamer, we put the mixture inside the steamer and wait for around 30 minutes until it’s done. After 30 minutes, we come to the kitchen to check our cooking, but it wasn’t ready yet so we waited again until it’s ready. When the egg flan is ready, we cool it down first than move it to the fridge. Our egg flan was ready by lunch time and we take it out from the fridge. It was successfully made and we then enjoy our egg flans.


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