Reflection on A Class Recycled Project

Posted On February 7, 2012

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Picture taken by Regina.

Before the Chinese New Year Assembly on 3 February 2012, we made dragons from recycled CDs. We all enjoyed making the dragon. I enjoyed tying the CDs, putting the red sprays on the dragon and painting a dragon’s motif on its body.

We all did a good job on making the project. But, I think the dragon’s body should all be covered with red spray instead of leaving some parts uncolored. And for the dragon’s motif, some lines are not well painted, so if the lines are painted nicely and tidily will make a better result of the dragon.

On making the project, there are some problems. One problem is time. We need to rush a bit especially on making the dragon’s motifs, but we can finish the project on time.

When making the project, I learn to be cooperative, creative and thinker. Because on making this dragon we need to cooperate with our friends and have creative ideas on making the designs like making the dragon’s motifs.


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